The Replacements Moments

Wow.  Almost two months since my last post.  Two strangish months during which I have felt like I have fallen off the mission wagon and yet have still put in a lot of reading and studying.

I think part of the problem is a lack of focus.  At the beginning of the year it was a case of head down, study for AWS certifications.  I had planned to roll straight into AWS Sysops but didn’t for two reasons.  Firstly I was  studied/exam’d out.  Secondly, I currently work in a GCP world and without any private AWS stuff going on was concerned that anything I learnt would instantly be forgotten through lack of use.

So I have not done that and have not done any GCP studying or certification either for similar reasons.

What have I done since last post?  Well, as per that last post, I attended a brilliant hands-on Kubernetes course (free!) run by Google and Jetstream.  I also attended the Pipeline conference which amongst other things has inspired me to do a talk sometime soon.

I have kept reading too.  I felt the need to finally read The Lean Enterprise.  It felt like a collection of ideas brought together in one place for enterprise level convenience – which was probably the point.  Some great ideas in it though.

I have also been re-reading Building Microservices – probably my favourite book since I started down this path, along with the DevOps Handbook.  I have probably read the former’s testing chapter three times.

So what next?  I have not got my hands dirty for a while.  Time to re-read Python books and build something.  I know I said that last post too.  I have also got an AWS Summit to go to.  There will also be more reading – a bit of this .  I am also thinking of revisiting The Art of Monitoring to find out if my “out of depth” moment comes a bit later second time around.

My Picks

God, I love Infinity War.  Standards-wise, surpassing modern Star Wars easily.

I have missed running.  Started again, very slowly.  Thought about blogging it -everyone loves a good exercise blog don’t they?  And then thought better of it.

Finally, many years too late I have discovered The Replacements.  Watch!

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