Increasing Post Cadence and Python

Upping my blog post cadence then.  This even briefer than usual.  I am thinking that for the record I should say what I am doing.

Firstly, I am back on the Python trail, spending train journeys going through books and exercises.  I decided to restart the book after stopping a few months ago.  This went better than expected.  I had forgotten less than I thought and expect to be moving into new territory this week.

Secondly, the Accelerate book turned up so I look forward to spending a bit of reading time on that too.

Finally, I attended the AWS London Summit this week.  Not the best AWS day I have spent, but did get to see Dr Werner Vogels speak.

My Picks

Really enjoying some music documentaries.  Shane Meadows’ Made of Stone always reminds me of how brittle and brilliant The Stone Roses and why I love them so much still.

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