My DevOps Mission

I have a mission.  I currently work in technology.  You will know my current role as one of the following:  Delivery Manager, Project Manager, Team Lead, even Scrum Master perhaps.

I had an epiphany recently when a team member horizontally scaled web-servers in our production environment without any downtime.  I was even more impressed when same team member downscaled the web-servers later, again without downtime.

Having worked on projects that suffered lengthy lead times when new infra was needed, I was blown away.

This started a chain of events that have lead to this mission:

I am going to try and become a professional DevOps practitioner with two years.

Professional for two reasons.  One – I would rather work in this field than my current one and two – I want to get to a point where I am strong enough to get a paid DevOps role.  The latter is a good measure of my success.

My clock started ticking in April 2017, so my target is April 2019.

A few final comments for now.  Firstly, I am coming for a very low base.  Only last year someone had to explain what an “AMI” was to me.  I barely knew any Unix commands when I started.  I thought “Docker” was someone who working in a harbour (which I guess is also true).

Secondly, I am intending this to be akin to a diary to keep track of my progress and document notes that I will find useful to look back on.  I am late starting this, as I wanted to get the blog going, I have not been overly bothered about look and feel of this page.  Expect to see some iterations through WordPress themes.

Thirdly, this site runs on AWS LightSail for two reasons.  I wanted to try it out and not spend too long setting something up.  It is also cheap.

Finally, the name of the site.  You will not need to be too much of a geek to know where it comes from.  I could create a tenuous link to DevOps to the name but in truth it is a domain name I have had for a while.  I wanted to put it to work.