Happy Birthday Mission!

Well, it’s oh so quiet here.  So quiet that it escaped me until this week that my mission is one year old.  Eek!  That means there is only year to go.

I have reflected recently on what being a “DevOps practitioner” actually means.  However, at this point I will avoid the navel gazing and crack on.

Since last post, I have become AWS again.  This time as a Certified Solutions Architect.  I am tempted to tackle the sysops exam soon – there appears to be overlaps with what I have been studying but I am feeling a bit revised out.  I am feeling the urge to read – my reading list expands constantly – and to build something.

Over the past couple of weeks I finally finished reading Continuous Delivery.  I am pleased that I am operating on a level where I can understand, value and relate to the material.

Next up, I am spending a couple of days out of office attending this year’s Pipeline conference for the first time.  I have also signed up for free (free!) Kubernetes training provided by Google.    Reading-wise, I will be looking at some Value Stream materials and building-wise I plan to pick up Python again and see what I can do.

My Picks

I enjoyed the latest Food Fight podcast on incident management here.

Away from the mission, I really enjoyed the Pig in a Day course at River Cottage.  Steve Lamb might just be my new favourite person.

Ok, I finally get The Flight of the Conchords.