Art of Monitoring and Today’s Updates

I am a big fan of James Turnbull ( mainly because his Docker and Art of Monitoring books have been incredibly relevant to one of my day jobs.  I really knew nothing about Docker until I went through his book step by step.  It has since occurred to me that since I am starting from such a low base, many of the benefits of Docker over non-container technologies are probably lost on me.

That being said, I am about a third of the way through The Art of Monitoring ( and having launched six AWS EC2 instances and then configuring each with Riemann, Grafana, Carbon and Collectd, I think I get it better than I did before.  In fact I have added being able to containerise these tools to my learning and to do list – which is getting longer every day (and I may include it on this blog at some point).

In fact I have added all of the James Turnbull books to my to do list as  I see them as being critical to achieving my mission.

In today’s updates, I have been getting emails like this:

This is quite exciting.  Turns out Riemann logging has been going barmy on one of my six EC2 instances:

No idea why yet but has further added to my to do list:

  • Why is this happening and why on only one host?
  • How do I set up a log rotation policy (although it would have to be severe to control this scenario)?
  • Why are the email notifications bouncing with “address not found”.  (I forgot to mention that.)

Back soon.