Next Certificates, then Pipelines

Another month flies by without a new post.  In fairness, I have been busy starting work with a new client.

So what has been happening in Mission land?  Well, as seen in my last post, I became AWS Certified as a Cloud Practitioner in January.  It struck me that I had a lot of momentum as well as considerable overlaps in content with other AWS learning paths so I have decided to keep going and study for the a Solutions Architect certificate.  I am planning to take the exam very soon.

I then need to get reading and building again.  New client work means that finishing CD/CI/pipeline/value stream materials are more relevant than ever.

My Picks

I attended an “AWS Builders Day” in January.  Lots of interersting container talks that can be found here and here.  Abby Fuller talks were particularly entertaining.

The LA LA Land soundtrack has been on heavy rotation too.


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