A forest in a bottle in a spaceship in a maze

The title of this post is one of my favourite quotes from one of my favourite episodes of my favourite shows.  See the foot of this post for more info.

I was reminded of this quote whilst tackling chapter five of The Docker Book.  I cannot recall finishing this section last time around as I was running Docker on my Mac, not an EC2 instance running Ubuntu as I am now.   I ran into limitations on the Mac Docker implementation.

When I had completed the section I had (deep breath), Jenkins running in a Docker container on an EC2 instance, creating Docker containers to run Ruby apps.  I connected to the EC2 instance from iTerm running on my Mac.

I am particularly proud of completing this one as I ran into a number of issues through which I logically debugged to fix.  I learnt  a lot as I did so but even better I was using tools, techniques, knowledge and logic that would have been beyond me first time around.

What I am not particularly proud of is that I managed to lose a Dockerfile that had an issue so could not compare it to the Dockerfile that ultimately worked – opportunity lost there to learn something else.  However, I know the area where the issue occurred so all is not lost.

If you want to know more about forests, bottles, rockets and mazes, visit here.


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