Change of tack and new reading materials

My mission has hit a bump in the road.  I have clearly made a pigs ear of my Riemman and Graphite exercises – I have been totally spammed by emails from one of my EC2 instances.  Thousands of emails, so many that I think Google has disabled my alerting email account.  That hasn’t helped as I now get spammed by the bounce backs.

This has lead me to the conclusion that I have gone too deep into the weeds.  A little too much too soon.
As a result I have made a decision to tear down my six instances (three for Riemann, three for Graphite – this will make more sense to those who have gone through The Art of Monitoring) and instead restart The Docker Book.  It is motivating me as I will not be starting from scratch.

As per my previous blogs, I intend to get to the point where I have Docker images for Riemann and Graphite, test them, then roll out across multiple instances.

It’s not been a lot of fun copying and pasting config from one iTerm window to another.  Of course, there have been many lessons learnt from building these by hand.

Adding to a feeling of being burnt out, I have decided to change approach with regards to my reading material.  I had got into the habit of reading mission-related materials on every commute apart from Monday mornings.  I commute Monday to Thursday, that’s seven session a week.

So this week I gave up and read for fun.  Next week I am going to start The Goal and read it alongside David Bowie, A Life and try and set a more sustainable pace.


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