Book Blog 1 “Release It!”

I have decided to blog about some of the books I have been reading.   Reading is a vital part of my mission.

I am not going to “review” books, I am going to comment on them and how they have related to my education.

I am about to finish Release It! – author’s exclamation mark, not mine.  When the same book is referenced in a few other books you have been reading, it is probably worth a look.  I think that maybe I have tackled this one a bit too early.  It definitely taught me a few things, but it went into some technical depths that I am equipped to deal with yet.  It is also one of the few tech books that has made me laugh.  More than once.  It has helped me make the case for failing fast, timeouts, bulkheads and circuit breakers on a current assignment too.

Next up, I may continue with Site Reliability Engineering.  Other options are re-reading The DevOps Handbook.  I finished it in April but given it was such an easy read, I am going to try it again to see if it offers any insights I missed last time around.  I am also considering re-reading The Docker Book for similar reasons.

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