Continuing Riemann logging madness and Scaffolding

My full disks and Riemann logging issues continued over the past few days but appear to have been calmed.  Sadly I am not sure why.  I have a couple of theories though.

Firstly, after running through section 6.2 of The Art of Monitoring (checking processes are running), I pasted in new riemann.config files.  Not 100% sure but wonder if that has corrected a previous error – all the more reason for automation/Puppet/Docker eh?

Which brings me onto theory two.  I wonder if I stopped midway between sections and needed do further work to stop this happening.  This has happened to me before with The Docker Book when I exposed the Docker API publicly.   That’s a subject for another blog.

Of course, I may not have fixed this issue at all.  If I have, I would like to know what the fix was.  Chapters coming up will graph disk usage I believe.

On another note, it has occurred to me that there is probably huge value in revisiting the books I have gone through recently now that I know more.  That kind of makes my heart sink given my mission’s target date.  I have a continuing sense that I am learning different things to what the books intend.  Still learning in this space is surely going to be useful.

Finally, this pulled up outside my house this week.  Someone is trying to tell me something.  Insert your own Unikernel joke here.

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